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"My hats off to all the players and coaches for putting smiles on their faces."
- Sergeant First Class Sondles, U.S. Army

Our mission Statement

Operation Teammate provides memorable sporting experiences to military children through Impactful Athlete Interaction 

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Our aim is to determine the most appropriate avenue to meet an array of family goals and bring a memorable sporting experience to these children. By doing this, we are able to build a better community while establishing that bridge between families and organizations.

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Pathway to Success

Operation Teammate, founded in 2015, provides an opportunity for athletic organizations to welcome children (ages 5-18) of our Military as honorary teammates during various times (i.e. deployments/training/disaster relief). These children are our primary focus and our aim is to arrange memorable sporting experiences to help them and their families through those difficult times. Operation Teammate events also show the importance of children being involved throughout their local communities and guides them to understand that building a community is a team effort.

Military Children Spotlight

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