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"My hats off to all the players and coaches for putting smiles on their faces."

- Sergeant First Class Sondles, U.S. Army

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“Inspiring Military Children”

About our new logo: We have embraced purple as our primary color within a multi-star focused logo icon.
This new image clearly represents military children across the world and is a recognizable theme throughout every military community.
Our new brand includes the tagline, “Inspiring Military Children”
Inspiring Military Children is a direct reflection of the Operation Teammate mission and goals of enabling military children to excel within their own life journey.
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Operation Teammate

Operation Teammate provides a solution to ease the pain for military children during challenging times throughout the year and while their parents are away from home serving our great nation.

We welcome military families of all statuses and provide memorable sporting experiences to military children through Impactful Athlete Interaction.

Our mission is supported by the athlete engagement and the motivational stories of these athletes during various events.

While assisting military children during difficult times by providing mentoring avenues, sporting experiences and community ambassador opportunities, the Operation Teammate mission continues to Inspire Military Children.

At Operation Teammate, we understand the challenges that come with being a military child. While you are on duty across the globe, we provide an opportunity for them to grow socially and build self-confidence through Impactful Athlete Interaction.



We partner with organizations to deliver the PVSA (The President’s Volunteer Service Award) to our nation’s volunteers. The (PVSA) is the premier volunteer awards program, encouraging citizens to live a life of service through presidential gratitude and national recognition. Certifying organizations (COs) is an essential part of the PVSA equation. A CO is an organization that has been granted authority through an application and review process to administer the PVSA to volunteers. We look to CO's to verify that volunteers meet all requirements to be awarded the PVSA.

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